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Healthy Eating: Ask an Expert

It seems like every day there's a new "health food" fad, but our registered nutrition can help you sort through the many diet dishes people rave about. She'll talk about what foods you should be adding to your diet, and which "healthy foods" may not be good for you.

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Anti-Smoking Campaigns Saved 8M Lives

A new study shows anti-tobacco campaigns in the past 50 years have increased the life span of 8 million Americans by 20 years. Experts say without the intense campaigning against cigarettes started five decades ago, around 4 million Americans would have died before retirement.

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Your Dog Could Be Your Best Training Partner

If you’re searching for the perfect running or cycling partner, you may want to start your search at the local animal shelter. Here are some tips for picking out the perfect puppy partner, and how to keep your furry friend safe while training.

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Understanding Types of Health Insurance Coverage

All health insurance plans aren't created equal. If you're not offered health insurance through your work, that means you have a lot of options to consider. Understanding what each plan offers should be an important part of your shopping experience.

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How Going Vegan Could Save Your Life

Maybe you’ve considered veganism because you want to save animal lives. But it turns out, you could end up saving your own life too! Here’s how.

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